# Neuromorphic computing and engineering ## KTH Journal club
1. Introduction & motivation 2. Analog neural networks 3. Neuromorphic sensing 4. Computing with events 5. Journal club organization

Event-based vision sensors

Robot vision group Imperial College London

Fantastic benefits in terms of temporal resolution, dynamic range, and energy consumption.

The sensors are evolving

Other types of sensors

Note: Same principles are applied to other sensory modalities, including auditory, olfactory, proprioceptive, etc.

Neuromorphic computing and engineering

## Open questions * Do we have good models for computation *in time*? * Neuromorphic systems are complex, how do we optimize them? * Neuromorphic systems become even more complex when we make them *plastic*, how do we deal with that?

Journal club organization

  • Topic: Neuromorphic computing and engineering
  • Goal: Meet and discuss principles around neuromorphic and spatio-temporal computation
  • Next time: 2nd of November 15:00 - 16:00
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